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Why are Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Not everyone need to have their wisdom teeth removed. The most common reason is when the wisdom teeth are “Impacted” that is, there is simply not enough space in your jaw to accommodate these teeth, so they tend to grow in an odd direction which results in pain, swelling & irritation of the gums. They may also push against the rear molars which will cause pressure feeling in your jaw. Some people may also get cavities in the wisdom teeth area due to chronic food impaction, if that’s the case the dentist need to assess whether wisdom teeth are worth saving or not.

How Are They Removed.?

At first you need to get your consultation done with the dentist if you want them to be removed. Your dentist will begin with freezing your jaw with local anesthetic. Once frozen, the dentist will separate the gums covering the wisdom tooth, if necessary the dentist may need to remove part of the bone surrounding the tooth. And once the tooth has been exposed the dentist will elevate the tooth from its socket. It is not uncommon to cut the tooth into smaller pieces before removing. After your tooth has been completely removed, your dentist will place dissolvable stiches on your gums.

Risks Associated With Wisdom Teeth Removal

The most common complications are pain & swelling at the surgical site for few days after the extraction. You should also expect limited mouth opening for some days after the surgery. For pain management you will be prescribed pain pills and antibiotics (if necessary). Blood clot is expected to be formed within 1- 2 hrs of the surgery, but if you experience prolonged bleeding (>24 hrs) then you must contact your dentist asap. However uncommon, damage to the nerve in the lower jaw can also happen during the surgery, if you experience loss of sensation in your jaw please consult your dentist right away.