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Did you know that sometimes brushing & flossing is just not enough to keep your teeth bright and white.? If you are unhappy with the color and shade of your teeth or your teeth are stained from your lifestyle choices, dental professionals at our office can help.

Why Are My Teeth Stained?

Over time, your teeth are bound to change color and there are many reasons for this. Such as, almost everything you eat or drink can impact the color of your teeth – even with regular brushing or flossing. Drinks like tea, coffee, red wine are know to cause discoloration of teeth. Continued consumption of these products will stain your teeth over time.
Smoking can also cause discoloration of teeth. Nicotine in the cigarettes cause your teeth to yellowish colour. Even if you had any trauma to your teeth, it will also cause brownish discoloration of your teeth. And lastly, age & alcohol can also effect the way your teeth look.

Do Not

use teeth whitening products if your teeth are already sensitive to hot / cold


the desired affect is achieved,


at least 6 months before you use the teeth whitening product again

Underlying Dental

Am I a Candidate For Teeth Whitening?

To determine if your are a good candidate for teeth whitening, you need to come in for consultation. At your consultation, our dentist will examine and determine if you have any underlying dental problems. If so, they need to be addressed prior to whitening treatment.
Teeth whitening services will be provided in our office. We will begin with taking an impression for your teeth to make a customized whitening tray. When the treatment begins, we will place our whitening gel into the tray & you will be asked to bite on those trays. The treatment time usually last less than 15 minutes. Your number of appointments in our office will depend on the desired results.
Remember, teeth whitening is good for removing external stains. Internal stains caused by some medications, fluorosis can not be removed by teeth whitening.

Why Are My Teeth Stained?

  • Help restore patient’s smile & confidence
  • Prevent adjacent teeth from shifting or moving into empty space
  • Prevent over eruption of opposing top teeth
  • Restore chewing efficiency
  • Avoid bone loss