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Why Root Canal Therapy?

It is commonly know as RCT or Endo Treatment. It’s done whenever the nerve (pulp) of the tooth is damaged. The nerve can be damaged by different reasons, such as if you have a tooth abscess, a large cavity, fractured tooth or trauma to the tooth. You may or may not have pain associated with the tooth.

Signs & Symptoms:

  • Severe unbearable pain associated with the tooth
  • Large swelling of the jaw or a small pimple on the gums that does not go away
  • Discoloration of the tooth
  • Intense hot / cold sensitivity

How It’s Done?

RCT’s are typically done in one single appointment, but it may take two visits depending on the situation. Once the dentist has assessed the tooth and RCT is the recommended procedure, your tooth will anesthetized by local anesthesia. A rubberdam is placed on the tooth to isolate it from blood, saliva and patients tongue. Dentist will drill a small hole inside the tooth to access the pulp. Once adequate access has been achieved the pulp is removed using hand and mechanical files, the canals are shaped and cleaned thoroughly using irrigation solutions. After cleaning the canals inside the tooth, a warm rubberized material is condensed inside the canal to seal it. The next procedure is to fill the tooth using a white filling material to its adequate shape and size. A crown is generally recommended for a root canal treated tooth.