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More About Sports Guard

Sports are fun and many children, teen and adults alike play them on regular basis. If you play contact sports for fun or competitively, it is agood idea to protect your smile with sports guard.
A sports guard ia a protective appliance which is worn on top of your teeth to protect them from breaking or fracturing should you get hit in the face. They are usually recommended for all type of contact sports, such as hockey, football, martial arts. In fact, many sports organizations have made it part of the required gear for athletes.
At our office we custom make sports guard for you that fits you perfectly. Each guard is made from high quality material to protect your teeth from trauma.

More About Night Guard

Our office offers custom made night guards to protect your teeth while you are asleep. TMJ disorder is a painfull condition and grinding or clenching of teeth at night is common cause for TMJ pain. Often patients don’t know wherther they are grinding their teeth until next morning when they wake up with a sore jaw or severe headache. Night guards are designed to prevent teeth from grinding against each other and also prevent fracturing of teeth.

How It Is Made?

Once you are choosen as a suitable candidate for a night guard, you will come in for your first appointment for taking impression of your teeth. These impressions will be used to make a working model of your jaw. The lab will make the night guard. Then you come in for your second appointment at the night guard will be tried in mouth. If it fits well instructions will be provided on how use and take care of the your night guard.