Dental Crown

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Why Dental Crown?

They are commonly known as “Cap”. Back in the days they were made of gold, but we have come a long way in porcelain crowns. They match your teeth and are pretty strong as well. Crowns can be done for both cosmetic and restorative reasons.

How they are placed?

After the dentist has done the initial assessment and a crown is your best possble solution, you come in for your first appointment. At this appt. crown preparation will be done & an impression of your tooth is done and sent to the lab. After the lab has fabricated the crown you will come in for your second appt. in which the fit, shade and contour of the crown will be assessed. If you and the dentist are satisfied, the crown is cemented on to the tooth. During the transotion period a temporary crown is made and cemented to the tooth.

Indications For Crowns:

  • Protect fractured or weekend tooth
  • Heavily restored teeth with dental filling material
  • Restore dental implants

How long does it last?

As any dental procedure nothing can last a lifetime.! But that being said as long as you brush, floss, get regular dental cleanings and maintain good oral hygiene these crowns can last you a long time. If your crown does happen to loose or fall-out please contact our office asap to recement it or discuss alternative treatment options.