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Comprehensive Exam

What to Expect?

Our Comprehensive Dental Exam Includes In Depth Assessment Of You Extra & Intra Oral Hard And Soft Tissues.



Our exam emcompasses multiple aspects of assessment. We have found that this is the best way to properly prepare and educate our patients regarding their current oral health, so that they cam make informed decision regarding treatment. We will provide you with all the treatment options.


In The End, Once You Are Fully Informed Of What Can Be Done, The Final Decision is ALWAYS YOURS.!



Tooth By Tooth Exam

The Tooth by tooth exam will take a closer lookat the condition of each tooth individually and how it works in conjugation with all your other teeth. All the findings including cavities, broken fillings, tooth fractures, gum problems or any issues with the bite will be charted. After the exam you will be presented with the treatment options.


Gum & Bone Assessment (Periodontal)

This exam involves a simple but important measurement of your gums to assess the amount of bone loss attributed to periodontal disease. Depth of more than 3mm and bleeding gums are an indication of periodontal disease. Please remember healthy gums DO NOT bleed…..even when measuring with our specialized tool.
Your hygeine intervals will be customized based on this assessment.


Bite Exam

This exam assess how your teeth fit together. Many TMJ issues can arise from the way you bite. Our team will do an examination to determine your range of opening, wear & tear, traumatic occlusion and other factors affecting your bite.


Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening can help find cancer or suspicious lesions at an early stages, which can make it easier to treat. During your screening we will look for abnormalities in the oral cavity that may indicate that further testing is required.


Smile Exam

In this exam we will examine the colour, shape and alignment of your teeth. Your esthetic expectations from our treatment will be addressed. Various treatment options will be discussed along with their pros and cons.