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White fillings

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What are White Fillings?

White filling material is a resin material. As compared to silver amalgam filling material there is no metal!. The resin can be used to fill cavities, fix cracked or fractured teeth or replace old silver or resin fillings. Once done they are solid, durable and give your teeth a natural look.
At our office we do our best to match the shade of resin to the shade of your natural teeth. So now you ca smile with confidence.:)


Indications of White Fillings :

  • Fill cavities
  • Cracked or fractured teeth
  • Replace old fillings
  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Smile enhancement

Pros & Cons

The biggest advantage of white fillings is their esthetics. Once properly done they match your teeth and often it is difficult to tell the difference. Earlier resin fillings were done only in anterior teeth but with recent advancments they are suitable for posterior molars as well. And in strengh they are now comparable to silver amalgam filling material. As with any other procedure there are some disadvantages as well. The procedure to do white fillings is very technique sensitive. Failure to maintain adequate isolation can lead to failing of the restoration. Secondly they can stain easily from anything that has a dark heavy stain such as red wine, black tea or coffee, etc..